High School

The Colegio San Felipe Neri for quality training accompanied with high values ​​and principles based on Catholicism and the teachings of St. Philip Neri

The Colegio San Felipe Neri, according to its quality certification, offers the ideal space and highly qualified personnel for the integral formation of young people who are in high school.

Objectives of education in high school

a. Developing the ability to comprehend text messages and correctly complex oral and written in Spanish, as well as by a systematic study to understand the different elements of the language.

b. The evaluation and use of the Spanish language as a means of literary expression and the study of the creation of the country and the world.

c. The development of logical reasoning skills through the mastery of number systems, geometry, metric, logical, analytical, joint operations and relationships as well as for use in the interpretation and solution of problems in science , technology, and everyday life.

d. The balance in the scientific understanding of physical phenomena, chemical and biological agents through the understanding of the laws, planning problems and the experimental observation.

e. The development of positive attitudes to knowledge, appreciation and conservation of nature and the environment.

f. Understanding the practical dimension of knowledge and the theoretical dimension of practical knowledge and the ability to use in solving problems.

a. The initiation into the most advanced fields of modern technology and training in discipline, processes and techniques that allow the exercise of a socially useful function.

b. The scientific study of national and world history aimed at understanding the development of society, and the study of social sciences in order to analyze the current conditions of social reality.

i. The scientific study of the universe, the Earth, its physical structure, its division and political organization, economic development of countries and the various cultural manifestations of the people.

j. Training in the exercise of the rights and duties, knowledge of the Constitution and international relations.

k. Artistic appreciation, aesthetic understanding, creativity, familiarity with various means of expression and knowledge, appreciation and respect for cultural and artistic goods.

l. Understanding and ability to speak a foreign language.

m. The assessment of the health and habits associated with them.

n. Using a critical way the various contents and forms of information and search for new knowledge through their own efforts.

o. Physical education and practice of recreation and sports participation and youth organization and the proper use of leisure time.


1. Civil Registry.
 2. Photocopy of Identity Card
 3. Reports this year (for Psychology).
 4. Proof of enrollment (for Psychology).
 5. Photocopy of receipt.
 6. Paz y Salvo School (institution of Origin).
 7. Original Certificates previous years.
 8. Evidence of Behavior.
 9. Liberation Cupo.
9. Liberación de Cupo.